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Devotions from the Heart


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So often, we become overwhelmed with the cares of life. The majority of issues we all face seemingly send us into a place of frustration, loneliness, or weariness. We find ourselves asking the questions: How do I find comfort? Where can I find strength and peace?

YOU have it on the inside of your heart. Whether everything is going well or going wrong, God has given you His Word and they are the words you need to keep pushing, keep praying, and keep praising. His Word and your heart are the perfect match to bring you the comfort, peace, and strength you desire.

Sharon L. Grant has lived through some challenging times and has found the right words from within her heart to gain the strength to continue her journey. She wants to share the words from her heart with you. Sharon firmly believes you have a purpose to fulfill and Giving Up is NOT an Option.

Giving Up is NOT an Option: Devotions from the Heart is ninety devotionals with interactive responses for the reader. It provides transparency, truth, and transformation, so you can find strength, comfort, and peace to continue life’s journey.

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